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 Welcome to Räuber Yo & Me !


My offers to You are

- Yoga and meditation classes for groups or single persons  - either in own rooms or at their home.



- practical implementation  of your Corporate Health Management e.g. with recreation exercises of Yoga or Meditation


- Please don´t hesitate to  contact me or give me a call  - phone  +49 7822 42 66 436 or mobil +49 157 579 666 89


- my location is  in 77955 Ettenheim - southwest of Germany about 30 km north from Freiburg

- my radius of activity depends on that what I`m worth to you.






 => now  from age 3 up to 103+ years

 => Yoga for really  everybody - handicaps are no barrier !!!

 => also in your home  / your (private) room possible

 => of course in rooms of your organisation


 => support in case of disability and dementia - please contact me and let´s see where I can help you reasonably



… You are interested in a special class


… you have questions according an suitable date ?


… please  contact me or give me a call - mobil +49 (0)175 759 666 89 ...




prove yourself as a basin, not  as a sewer,

which nearly at the same moment receives and passes over,

while the other one waits until it is plentiful.

In this way it passes over the things in overflow without getting damaged,


Thus, learn to give, only what in you is plentiful.


The basin does just as the spring.

Only when it is saturated with water, it floes to the river and becomes a sea.

The basin is not ashamed not to have more overflow than the source...

So do the same!

First replenisch and then pour out.

The affectionate and wise love is used to overflow, not to flow out...

I want not be rich, while you are getting empty .

If you treat yourself badly, with whom are you good?

If you can, help me out of your fullness - if not treat yourself with care

author: Bernhard von Clairvaux (1090 - 1153)